Stop feeling anxious when your toddler has a tantrum

Need a plan for what to do the next time your child has a tantrum? This cheat sheet for Handling Toddler Tantrums will give you a simple five-step plan. You'll also know what to avoid.

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"As toddler moms, we're really busy and don't always have time to read books and look for articles. This is just perfect. Helped me immediately with practical solutions!"

- FRAN, mom of two-year-old Evan -

Hi mommy!

I'm Victoria, and I know exactly how it feels to struggle with toddler tantrums.

As a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, I've been helping parents deal with toddler tantrums even before I became a mom.

But talking about it in my clinic is completely different from being in the middle of one! I have felt your worry, frustration, and helplessness. That's why I made this for you.

So that instead of feeling lost in tantrum territory, you have a guide to tell you where to go - and where not to.